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Your Space. Your Community. Your Experience. 

THE FIZZ offers valuable and innovative co-living and coworking concepts all over europe. Core features are high quality accomodation and working environments, inspiring community experiences and valuable extra services. THE FIZZ offers spaces to grow, to explore, to laugh, to recreate or just to be.

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Live. Grow. Explore. 

A safe start. THE FIZZ juniors is designed for the needs of apprentices in metropols. During  rst educational periods away from home, fully furnished apartments are a smart choice. Our residences are adjusted to give young people the opportunity to grow. A wide range of common areas continue to give chances to become a part of the housing community and to meet other residents. With this specialized residential o er, THE FIZZ juniors addresses explicitly companies that want to make their vacant apprentice roles more appealing to talents.

 Size: 14m² to 20m²
 Beds: 311
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Live. Learn. Laugh.

Feeling at home in times of motion. Students are explorers and are looking for a place to be themselves. THE FIZZ students o ers tailored accomodations for this period in life. Our houses are both: a place to experience community and an individual retreat. Numerous services make the student life as easy as it gets. Various events enable a good time as well as exciting encounters in an international community.

 Size: 18m² to 25m²
 Beds: 10.030
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Live. Meet. Relax.

Relaxed living in challenging times. The life of todays young professionals is a rush hour that requires  exibility. That is why THE FIZZ young professionals o ers graduates or job starters a slim and clever residential solution with high demands on design and equipment. Meeting people in a new hometown needs e ort: We provide an environment to nd new friends and build networks.

 Size: 24m² to 45m²
 Beds: 5.823
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THE FIZZ masters Logo White

Live. Enjoy. Recreate. 

Time to let go. THE FIZZ masters is a heaven for senior executives away from home and their beloved. New joiners in companies, commuters, expats, project managers, consultans and senior executivess in transition are looking for high-quality living space for a limited time. THE FIZZ masters o ers fully-equipped exclusive apartments for experienced professionals on the road.

 Size: 26m² to 46m²
 Beds: 1.324