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Numerous possibilities of partnership

Product Placement

Your products in our costumers focus. Excellerate your brand and establish your product within the your targetgroup. You will have access to exclusive product placement within the private home of our students, young professionals, juniors and masters which will form the base of your brands athentic marketing.

Research & Insights

You want access to insights into the targetgroup students & young professionals ? Studies with or about our costumers will give you clear insights into the market.

Product Integration

The daily and practical confrontation with your product and brand will lay the foundation for the costumers interest in purchasing your brands product. Let us work on a concept together on how to effectively enforce and integrate your product into the customers home and life.


Together we will create effective sponsoring concepts that will bring you and your potential costumers closer together. An individual concept, created to achieve your goals.

Purchase Cooperations

Our targetgroup is the same and therefore there will be many win-win situations in which both you and THE FIZZ can profit from. Let us build a partnership that will be prosperous for both of us.

Apartments for Employees

Do you want to offer interns, young professionals, expats, consultants or employees an executive livingspace instead of an hotelroom? We offer these livingspaces in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands.

Product & Market Testing

We have a young, open and curious clientele that is interested in new brands and products. Use this to test your business ideas and products within our livingspaces.


Use our inovative spaces to hold events. From small workshops and talks to big conventions and meetings. We have spaces of all sizes. For example our convention centre in Berlin is 1000 square meter big. Our spaces are versatile and tob e used for all sorts of events.

Our partnership booklet

With additional information about us and what we got to offer you.

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Enis Bayik

Director Sales & Marketing

Contact for Enterprise Sales & B2B Cooperations